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Easter to Pentecost

Sunday 05 May

Revd. Chris Youngman

John Ch21 v1-19
Isaiah Ch43 v1-7

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The Resurrection

Sunday 28 April

Revd. Chris Youngman

Acts Ch5: v27-32
John Ch20 v19-29

Lent 5

Sunday 07 April

Simon King

Isaiah Ch43 v16-21
John Ch12 v1-8

Lent 3

Sunday 24 March

Revd. Chris Youngman

Isaiah Ch55 v1-9
John Ch7 v37-39

Order in worship

Sunday 17 March

Revd. Chris Youngman

1 Corinthians Ch14 v26-40
1 Thessalonians Ch5 v16-24

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The gift of prophecy

Sunday 03 March

Simon Beaton

1 Corinthians Ch14 v13-25
John Ch4 V15-19 28 29 39

The gift of tongues

Sunday 24 February

Jane Sanders

1 Corinthians Ch14 v1-12
Acts Ch2 v1-4

Love is central

Sunday 17 February

Revd. Chris Youngman

1 Corinthians Ch13 v4-13
1 John Ch3 v1-3

Spiritual gifts

Sunday 03 February

Revd. Chris Youngman

1 CorinthiansCh12 v27-31 Ch13 v1-3
Romans Ch12 v6-8

Worship that connects

Sunday 27 January

Revd Steve Benoy

1 Corinthians Ch12 v14-27
Mark Ch12 v28-34

Worship in unity

Sunday 20 January

Rev. Phil Hearson

1 Corinthians Ch12 v8-13
John Ch7 v37-39

Being filled with the Spirit

Sunday 06 January

Revd. Chris Youngman

1 Corinthians Ch12 v1-7
Acts Ch19 v1-7

Advent 3

Sunday 16 December

Revd. Chris Youngman

Reading from Zephaniah Ch3 V14 onwards