Growth Action Plan

We are a church where lives are being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Christ 



ONE YEAR ACTION PLAN -  In 1 year we will:

Transformed relationships with God (UP)

In the faith of our children and young people

  • Establish a discipleship group for ages 14+
  • Develop the involvement of our children & young people in the life of our church

In the depth of discipleship of our members

  • Carry out a spiritual survey
  • Provide more teaching on discipleship
  • Increase involvement in accountability groups
  • Increase the level of sacrificial giving

As new Christians come to faith

  • Develop our confidence in sharing our faith
  • Identify a significant number of persons of peace to pray for, share with & invite along
  • See more people going from community-based activities to church groups to faith

In our Sunday worship

  • Review Sunday worship structures with a view to having increased opportunities for testimony, and increased freedom to worship in Spirit and in truth

Transformed relationships with one another (IN)

Through our homegroup network

  • Increase the number of well prepared, trained leaders for homegroups
  • Provide teaching for congregation on the value of meeting in small groups
  • Increase the proportion of church members meeting regularly in home groups

By providing excellent pastoral care for all

  • Create a team to have oversight of pastoral care within the church

By exploring the possibilities for a new place to meet to serve and bless the community, and to provide more worship space

  • Identify some options and present the recommendations

Transformed relationships with the wider community (OUT)

As our satellite church develops

  • Establish a Missional Community in the northern part of the parish

By using our giving to bless others

  • Identify sustainable funding sources for our staff
  • Establish a budget for blessing the local community

By embedding our Stepping Out principles in our daily lives

  • Undertake a review of the purposes and effectiveness of our Stepping Out groups
  • See increased numbers coming to faith through small groups

Through continued engagement with other local churches

  • Initiate discussions about a Rushden Lake chaplaincy
  • Support continued engagement in the new school proposal in Rushden East


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